Monday, 5 November 2007

Artistic rendering of final product

I've put together a 3D model from my various sketches. This image shows fairly accurately what the final drum machine will look like. I've finished much of the GUI for the display, I've got the key caps and the potmeter caps, and I've tried out some techniques for the display window. The only thing missing before I finish and order the first box parts is the keyboard PCBs.

Have a look at the full version of the picture. It is rendered in 2560 x 2048 and took five hours to render on my P4 3GHz. The scene is made in POV-Ray, a free ray tracer. Except for the textures for the display image and various captions (not including the MACHINEBEATS logo), everything is written (not drawn) as a text file in POV-Ray. The whole scene is 1154 lines of text and took quite a few hours to write.

medium res | hi res

The name might sound familiar, and I have to admit that I'm guilty of tweaking an existing product name. The same goes for the overall look.

The logo font is a tribute to a synth-centric band, a long time favourite of mine - see if you can figure out which one...


OWEN said...

wow man that is one good looking 909 clone, I must say I wish I had the $$$ for you to build me one as well! keep up the great work.

Joakim said...

Thank you! It's coming along quite nicely. As you might expect, it costs a fortune to build. I am going for high quality parts inside as well as outside. So far I've spent about $300 on parts from Schaeffer (aluminium plus engraved display window), $2-300 on PCBs, $2-300 on engraved keys, heaps on various electronic parts. And this doesn't include the front panel, box or PCBs/parts for the analog circuits :-)