Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Everything works like a dream now :) I've implemented all commands and tested the keyboard using the second controller as a loopback. It looks so good I can hardly stop working on it :-D

I may have to simplify the transfer protocol a bit though, to get increased throughput. Hopefully I can skip some error checking if I just make sure that no invalid state leads to a deadlock.

The remaining work on the keyboard is now:
- Glue some of the perspex pieces in place so they don't obstruct the keys
- Drill holes for the rotary givers and implement the necessary code
- Cut and solder the paths for the second row of instrument select buttons
- Fix the keys on the keypad that are not working (two signal paths)
- Fix a problem with S528 - it seems one of the switches does not work very well (a key release is send immediately after key press). I suspect this is a hardware error.

And then - onto coding the controlling software! Can't wait!

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