Monday, 26 January 2009

Performance mode - ideas

The intention with performance mode is to load patterns 'on the fly', allowing unique performances to be created from pre-programmed patterns.

Patterns can be loaded by name or number, but it might be a good idea to pre-assign patterns for easier access?

One could, for instance, assign a pattern to each of the 32 steps in the step sequencer. To queue a pattern for the next 'loop', one presses the according step button while in play mode. The assignments should of course be user controllable, and be saved as a 'performance setup'.

In performance mode, a pattern should be played/looped until a new one is selected, and the next pattern should not start before the previous one is finished. Also, it should be possible to add a 'stop' clause at the end of a pattern, automatically stopping playback once the end of that pattern is reached.

Perhaps it also should be possible to link patterns, e.g. group four patterns into a loop?

In song mode, the same patterns should be selectable (and assignable), but no looping is performed as a song is just a list of patterns to play.

Thought: Should it be possible to record a performance as a song, and edit it afterwards?

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