Sunday, 8 February 2009

Feature update

I'm closing in on finishing the intended features. Three major things are not yet started: 'File' (pattern saving and loading), 'song' and 'perform'. Setup is almost finished, the same goes for the sequencer features.

Implemented and upcoming features:

- LCD support, inc time, bpm and play mode
- step sequencer
- record mode
- play/pause mode with correct tempo
- tempo adjustment
- clip board (multi track)
- accent
- velocity page
- velocity entry
- settings edit page
- Internal EEprom support (for persisting current setup)
- Flam
- Swap
- Swing
- Mute & Solo

- Song and perform modes
- Flam cut'n'paste
- Tap tempo
- Midi output... (This is almost finished but not tested yet)
- Midi input?


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