Friday, 15 July 2011

Yesterday was a great day...

So, what's the news?

Well, assembly is going great, and yesterday I powered up the machine for the first time after wiring it up. At first nothing happened. After a few scary minutes I figured I forgot to put the fuses in the power entry connector :-)

Next problem - nothing showed up on the screen, and something smelled funny... The keyboard and sequencer seemed to work though, but no sound could be heard.

After a bit more debugging, and an hour of work, the following was fixed:
- New cable for the display - six of the wires had snapped!
- The smell came from the display backlight overheating, I have to switch to a less powerful current source or something
- The missing sound was due to the two midi wires going from the controller to the analogue parts being swapped.

So, after working for a couple of hours the machine actually works!

It does however have some errors:
- The sampled sounds (Hi hat, cymbals) don't work
- The main output doesn't work (though the headphone amp works very well)
- The first step key and the left-arrow key are mixed up somehow
- Four leds are either broken or a data line is not working as intended.
- The software is slightly buggy, it crashes sometimes. No idea what causes this.

Also, the wires from the pots have to be replaced as they are too big, and the spacers between the keyboard and the aluminium back plate are too short, making it impossible to mount the display and keyboard at the same time.

All in all I'm quite satisfied with the result. I brought the machine to work today for a little demo, and my colleague rocked away ;-)

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