Sunday, 25 March 2012

Updated synths list

Time to adjust the synths list. Some new ones have entered the "has" list, some drop out of the want-list (I don't really need both the OB-Xa and the OB-8, or the Juno 6 AND 60) and a few new arrive.


Elka Synthex (new march 2012)
Oberheim matrix-12
Oberheim DMX (new march 2012)
Roland JP-8000 (got it, sept 2013)
Roland JD-800
Roland SH-101 (new march 2012)
Roland Juno-60
Roland sh-2
Roland vp-330
Linn drum
Moog memorymoog
Moog minimoog
Korg polysix
Korg ms-20
Korg DW-8000 (new march 2012)
Korg Wavestation (new march 2012)
Kawai K5000/K5000r (new january 2014)

E-mu SP-12 (new march 2012)
Technics SX-K100/200 (new october 2012)

Synths I now HAVE:
Oberheim OBXa (march 2012)
Clavia Nord Lead 2 (february 2012)
E-mu Emulator II+ HD
Roland JP-8000 (september 2013)
Roland Jupiter 8
Roland Juno 106
Roland JX-3P (march 2012)
Roland JX-8P
Roland D-50
Roland TR-808
Roland MC-303
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
Sequential circuits Drumtraks (february 2012)
Yamaha DX7-IIs
Yamaha DX7-IID
Yamaha MU-10
Yamaha SY-77 (spring 2012)
Korg M1
Korg DS-10 (softsynth for Nintendo DS)
Korg Micro-Preset MP500
Korg mono/poly (march 2012)
Crumar BitOne
Moog Little Phatty Australian Redback Edition
Casio CT-101 (october 2012)
Casio MT-400
Casio VL-1 Lost :-(
Novation KS-Rack
Oakley Sound Systems TB-3031
Introspectiv 9090 (with custom sequencer/controller by me)
Technics SX-K250
Yusynth modular system (work in progress)
Xonik Devices M8 polyphonic modular (work in progress) (new january 2014)

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