Monday, 5 November 2007

Controller PCB and parts arrived

The PCBs for the controller (Midi, keyboard/leds and LCD display) arrived from Olimex today. It looks good, especially for the price payed (about $35 for two PCBs). The edges are not straight cut but it doesn't matter as long as the mounting holes are in the right place.

I've discovered that the holes for the crystal are very small but it seems to work. The LCD contrast potmeter will not fit but I'll guess I can make it work somehow.

All the necessary logic for the controll of the digital parts of the drum machine was supposed to be included on the PCB. I have however discovered that the rotary encoders I intend to use work differently than the ones on my prototype, so some logic has to be added to the keyboard as well.

The last big order of parts also arrived today, from Mouser and ELFA:

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