Monday, 5 November 2007

First test of sound circuits + controller PCB populated

p>I've powered up the sound circuits for the first time. Last night I was getting a lot of noise and very low sounds. Today I connected a wire from GND on both PCBs to mains ground, and placed the power cord in the same power board as my line mixer. I also checked all crimps on the potmeters and other wires to make sure they were all connected. I seem to have gotten rid of the noise, but the sound level is still very low. Also, I'm only getting sound in the right channel, and not from all drums. (toms, snare, bass, rim shot, hand clap and ride cymbal seem to be working, I guess it is a problem with the sample/ROM circuits, have to check that.

The layout looks like a complete mess at the moment, which could be contributing to my problems. But hey, some sound is better than no sound!

I've also finished populating the controller PCB. It looks great but has not been tested yet (or rather, once I plugged it into the In Circuit Programmer (ICP), the ICP power led went dark. So I decided to work on the sound circuits instead.

Top view

Bottom view with reset button and ICP headers

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