Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Box work

I have almost completed work on the box. I've decided to go with thick brushed aluminium sides (10mm), hopefully from hifi2000.it. I will have JD-1 engraved into the aluminium. The sides will look something like this:

I have no clue about the cost, but it will be a lot. As for the bottom, front and back, I will buy this as one piece from emachineshop.com at a cost of about 350$... No engravings or silk-screening though, and I probably have to spray paint the box myself.

Box before folding
Box before folding

Box after folding
Folded box

The top will be made by Schaeffer as usual, and cost 225 euro.

The display window is also from Schaeffer and costs 43 euro:

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