Thursday, 31 January 2008

Inter-uC communicatoin

I am having some problems getting the soft-uart from MikroC to work properly. I have been trying to send data from PORTA.F4 for a long time without success. Yesterday, after first having some problems because I didn't connect ground on my prototype card to ground on the EasyPIC3 development board, I managed to use soft-usart-write to send data that could be received with the real uart of the other uC. However, When I send 0x36 using the soft uart, it is received as 0x13 on the other. I have no idea why yet, either the clock frequency is wrong or some interrupt delays the sending. Will have to work on that.

Also, I had to switch to PORTA.F0, not sure if I have broken PORTA.F4 or if I just need to disable something.. not a big deal anyway, but took ages to figure out.

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