Friday, 8 October 2010

Fall is here - finally!

...not that I enjoy fall that much, but it means I have so much more time to spend indoors without feeling bad about it. And so loads of things are going on at the moment:

Today I got the box and side caps for the drum machine (in fact, I got three boxes, because it was so much cheaper per box if I ordered more than one). Big thanks to Shah for sending them to me, saving me several thousand kroners! The box looks incredibly good - so good that I won't publish any pics before the machine is fully assembled :-)

I am a little bit disappointed with the powder coating though, as it seems they have missed some spots and not put enough powder in other places. But that is me being picky, the over all result is very good. Tomorrow I'll start measuring everything and finish up the panels I'm going to ordered from schaeffer. Hopefully they won't take as much time to create.

Last week I ordered a silk screen kit - a really good one - capable of printing in two colors. It set me back more than a thousand dollars, so I really hope it does the job...

Monday I received a pcb for the "fat controller" midi-to-CV converter, a 15-output controller for my modular project. I have already ordered all the necessary parts, some quite special, from Mouser, DigiKey, Farnell and Elfa. At the same time I ordered the missing connectors and switches for the two extra boxes, with the exception of five midi connectors.

I have also finished soldering about half of the pcbs for the modular synth. Now I have to decide what format to make it - large, old school, or small, 19-inch eurorack. I have found some really nice rack rails from tiptop audio, and a place in the US willing to sending the to me, if they can find an envelope large enough.

Hmm, anything else? Probably, can't remember.

Oh, btw, gf started working last friday! AND she got me a function generator for my birthday - something I really needed for tuning the modular :-)

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