Saturday, 20 November 2010

Front panels and new synths

So, what's new... I ordered the Schaeffer panels around the 15th of October. Today it's the 20th of November, and they still haven't arrived. Actually, most of the panels were finished about a month ago, but a series of unfortunate events means they are yet to be sent from Germany. First, Schaeffer broke one of the panels while inserting some screw rods. Then, after re-milling the part, they received it back from anodizing with loads of scratches on it. They then created the same part for the third time, but those imbecils at the anodizing plant managed to anodize it in the wrong color! so, here's to fourth time lucky...

The silk screening kit arrived about a month ago, and it is HUGE! The screens are more than twice the size I expected them to be - I'm concidering buying smaller screens, as it will be hard working with the large frames. However, if anyone needs two-color posters printed, I'm your man :-D.

The kit while still in its boxes

GF holding the frame - printing press to the right

I've spent the time since the kit arrived building a UV-light box measuring about 90 x 60 cm, to expose the screens before printing. I'm going to put 10 UV fluorescent tubes in it, but so far I cannot get the tubes to light. I suspect that it is related to the tube igniter, but haven't verified it yet.

Now for some other really exciting news: I've bought two other synths! One of them is actually my first factory-new synthesizer ever. It's a special edition version, only sold in Australia, so it will take some time getting here. I intend to use it as the keyboard for my modular project, as it outputs control voltages/gate signals compatible with my modular. Also, as this version is called the "Australian Redback edition", I am concidering naming my modular "Venom" - what better to companion a Redback spider than the stuff that gives it it's sting, eh?

The second synth is a 25 year old classic. A well known but rather inexpensive synth with an intuitive and user friendly control surface.

In all, this brings my collection of full size keyboard synths to 5, including 4 80's synthesizers :-D Got to love them... Add to that two mini-keyboard synths, my modular project, the DIY TR-909 drum machine, one DIY TB-303 and the Novation KS-rack, and I'm starting to build up a rather nice collection. Now, if only I could get around to actually USE them for somehing ;-)

Pics and comments about the two newcomers will be up as soon as I receive them.

Finally, I bought a new motor for my CNC machine, as well as a new Z-axis. It's about time I start using this machine, having spent almost NOK 20.000 on it. First up, I think, is cutting some red perspex (plexiglass) for my rotary encoder/led dials. Exciting!

New spindle motor

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